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There’s a Lot to Like About Working in New Hampshire

Andover Corporation is now located in Salem, New Hampshire, but we haven’t always been here. The company relocated in 1982 and the decision was more than just a financial one. It was also a lifestyle and wellness opportunity. Our 40 employees enjoy the best of both worlds, with the “great outdoors” at their fingertips and the attractions of big city life both within an hour’s drive.  

Background on the Beauty of New Hampshire 

New Hampshire is one of the six New England states, located in the American northeast. Our borders touch Canada on the north and the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast. We are the 5th smallest state by area (9,349 square miles) and the 10th smallest by population (1,377,529). Concordis the state capital, whileManchesteris the largest city. Ournickname, “TheGraniteState”, refers to its rocky geology, which is readily apparent on a road trip through the state. 

This part of New England was inhabited by Algonquin Native Americans for thousands of years. The state’s first European settlement was founded by a group of English fishermen in 1623. The province of New Hampshire was created shortly thereafter in 1629 and it became the 9th American state in June of 1788. The state underwent rapid industrialization during the nineteenth century and was a center for the abolitionist movement prior to the Civil War. Like much of New England, the state’s industrial sector declined after WW2, but was replaced by a richer, more diverse economy. It is now one of the wealthiest states in the country and has very low rates of poverty, unemployment and crime. As a result of prudent state government, the overall tax burden is the 2nd lowest in the country. 

More than four-fifths of New Hampshire is under forest cover. The majority of the trees found in the eastern United States are indigenous to the state, and these wooded areas support a flourishing range of wildlife. White-tail deer are numerous everywhere, as are smaller mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and fox.  Moose, bear and beaver, once scarce, have returned to all regions of the state. There is an abundance of birdlife, including species of grouse, woodcocks, pheasant, and ducks. Public and private efforts around water quality have resulted in excellent opportunities for boating and fishing. 

Why We Moved Our Optical Filter & Coating Company to New Hampshire 

While all of that is impressive, you might still be wondering why we think New Hampshire is so special. Well, consider these facts: 

Uniquely its own: New Hampshire is unlike any other state in New England, its variety of natural scenery can’t be found anywhere else. The state is home to a variety of lakes, the White Mountains, forest lands, and the Atlantic coast. No matter the season, you can always find something to do outdoors, and the options are endless.  

Taxes? Not many and not much! One of only seven states in the country with NO personal income tax, and one of only five states with NO sales tax. New Hampshire doesn’t have an inheritance tax either. Residents enjoy the 5th lowest state tax burden in the country at 6.84%. By comparison, Massachusetts is 8.77%, California is 9.48%, Illinois is 9.52% and New York is a whopping 12.79%.  

Safe for the family: New Hampshire is consistently one of the “Top 10 Safest States in America”, as reported by US News, making it an amazing place to live and raise a family. Another added bonus, New Hampshire is surrounded by Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts, which are also on the Top 10 list.  

Employment for everyone: New Hampshire has several “Top 100” companies with a significant presence in the state, including Oracle, Fidelity, UPS, BAE and Coca-Cola. That equates to lots of good jobs with excellent wages and benefits. As of September 2021, New Hampshire was one of only five states with an unemployment rate under 3.0%.  

Excellent education: Education is a priority in New Hampshire, which is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, such as Dartmouth and Philips Exeter Academy. Many companies, including Andover Corporation, offer tuition reimbursement programs to their employees. 

So, you like sports: New England hosts professional teams in all of the major sports. An hour’s drive can have you in a seat watching the Red Sox (baseball), Patriots (football), Celtics (basketball), or the Bruins (hockey). College games are also easy to attend.  

As a manufacturer of optical coatings and filters, Andover is a growing business serving a growing industry. We foster a team culture that emphasizes cooperation, fairness and honesty. If you’re considering a change in location to improve your quality-of-life and a career in optical coating manufacturing, contact Andover Corporation. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and place a high value on job satisfaction for our employees. 

Give us a call … We’d love to tell you more!  

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