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Parallel Design Approach Shortens Concept-to-Product for SmallSats

Parallel Design Approach Shortens Concept-to-Product Timeline for Small Satellites

Optics in Forensics - Getting an Edge on the Bad Guy

Forensic science has played a key role in criminal cases for thousands of years. Throughout its...

A Day In The Life Of An Optical Filter

Here I am! A 550FS10-12.5 premium high quality optical bandpass filter, built and designed by...

The Power of Flexibility

Flexibility is a powerful attribute for companies and personal well-being alike. In a...

Applications for Ultraviolet Optical Coatings

The development of modern ultraviolet (UV) analytical techniques began with the work of Phillip...


  A consensus of opinion throughout the optical filter industry has developed over...

How to Select the Best Optical Coatings